About Us

An Eye for Change

Ethical Luxury

Every time you wear a pair of C & R glasses you’re making a statement.  You’re saying you support Saudi creativity as a force for positive change in the world.

We’re proof that style and luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth. We’re as driven by design as we are by protecting the future of our planet and people.

At C & R we use unique design as a force for change - to prove you don’t need to compromise on style to support the values of fair trade, sustainability and ethical production.

Designed in Saudi

 All our glasses are inspired by and named after famous Arabs.

These are men and women who shaped the world around them.

We want them to inspire you to have the courage to create the change you want to see in the world.

Made in Japan

Each of our frames is made and finished in Japan.

We only produce limited runs of our glasses and each pair has its unique number printed on the frame.

We respect the Japanese love for high standards. Our lenses are made by Zeiss, one of the world’s finest lens makers who, like us, is committed to greener production.

Uncompromisingly Eco

 From start to finish our content production has sustainability at its core.

Our frames are made from 100% titanium, completely plastic-free – even the nose-pads.

All our packaging is recycled and we only produce limited runs of our C & R glasses to help combat waste and overproduction.

Why Cones & Rods?

Cones and Rods are the receptors in the eye that perceive light (rods) and colour (cones). The temple tips of our eyewear are designed to echo these synapses and ‘connect’ to the neurons in your brain when you wear our frames to help change your perception and inspire positive change.